Two Birds Marketplace, Ballston Spa


Two Birds Marketplace, Ballston Spa


Looking for some delicious homemade treats? Have you checked out Two Birds Marketplace in Ballston Spa, because the recent cookie I had there was way too good to be true.

I was about to have breakfast at the Iron Roost in Downtown Ballston Spa the other day when I noticed the most beautiful cookies staring back at me. Two Birds Marketplace used to be a cafe next door as a sister business to the Iron Roost but from what I can gather, they’re all one place right now.

All of the treats for Two Birds Marketplace are made in-house and sell pretty quickly. I decided to try the Nutella-stuffed chocolate chip cookie (because why wouldn’t I) and it may have been the best cookie I’ve ever had.

Granted, my body was at a certain point where it was craving all kinds of chocolate (IYKYK) so my eyes went right to the most sugary thing I could find. I want you to imagine taking a bite out of a delicious chocolate chip cookie to then find that it’s stuffed with Nutella. The hazelnut flavor, the smooth Nutella – I’m glad I only got one or I would’ve eaten them all in one sitting.

They offer more than cookies with pies, scones, etc and you can get them to eat with your order at the Iron Roost, or take some home like I did to drool over it in the comfort of your own home.

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