Hannaford Releases Smart-Phone Rewards Program

I love loyalty programs, I just hate having to carry those stupid cards around. Hannaford has come up with a new way to save on your groceries and all you need is your… Continue reading

Times Union Center Gala Cancelled, Donation Made

The Times Union Center has spent some time updating their entire atrium and to celebrate, they were going to have a concert with big names like John Legend, James Taylor, and local favorite… Continue reading

Where to Eat the Chicken Wing Donut [VIDEO]

I like chicken wings, I like donuts, and it just seems like the perfect mix for the Super Bowl. A bit of a drive may be worth it, these sound delicious!

Beautiful “Homeless Jesus” Statue in Schenectady [PHOTO]

I live in Schenectady and I haven’t seen this statue in person but the idea behind it and the beauty of it is astounding.

UPDATE: Great American Cookie Cake Giveaway [PHOTO]

You may have seen some pictures pop up on my Facebook and Instagram once per month giving away a FREE cookie cake from Great American Cookie in Crossgates Mall. That’s not changing, but… Continue reading

Cookie Dough at Crossgates Mall: Review [PHOTO]

You may have heard about a new cookie dough place opening up in Crossgates Mall but did you know there was a place you could already get cookie dough and it’s delicious!

Recent Opening and Closings of Upstate New York Breweries

If you’re gonna drink beer, you may as well drink local, right? Well, there’s been a bit of news in the Capital Region beer industry and not all of it is good.

Upstate New York Bucket List 2018

You know me, I’m always looking for new things to do in the Capital Region. I don’t usually put bucket lists together but there are so many things to see in the area… Continue reading

New Craft Beverage Shop in Albany

Well, kind of. The location may be new but the name should sound familiar. The long time Albany shop, which also has a sibling location in Saratoga, will be moving locations.

Schenectadians, Tell Me You’ve Seen This Video! [VIDEO]

I never really think that cities in the area need a theme song. When I think of the area, I tend to automatically have the Water Slide World song in my head, but… Continue reading

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