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Beautiful “Homeless Jesus” Statue in Schenectady [PHOTO]

I live in Schenectady and I haven’t seen this statue in person but the idea behind it and the beauty of it is astounding.

Schenectadians, Tell Me You’ve Seen This Video! [VIDEO]

I never really think that cities in the area need a theme song. When I think of the area, I tend to automatically have the Water Slide World song in my head, but… Continue reading

Schenectady Mentioned in “The Crown” [PHOTO]

I started looking at things to watch on Netflix after I finally caught up on Doctor Who and apparently didn’t get too far. I saw Matt Smith (a former Doctor) staring in “The… Continue reading

Bring in 2018 with Laughter at MopCo!

New Year celebrations, they sneak up on you. You focus all of your attention on Christmas and then boom you’re stuck home on New Year’s Eve watching the ball drop by yourself. 2017… Continue reading

Schenectady Gazette Holiday Parade Details

Every year, Schenectady’s Holiday Parade is one of the best and this year it’s under new management.

Capital Region Town Named Happiest in America

I don’t know how you can really gauge if a town is happier than another but apparently someone did and named one local town one of the happiest in the country.

Cell Phones for Soliders Looking for Donations

There are not only a lot of great charities but there are a lot of great charities locally. They’re all asking the same from you pushing at the same time of year. This… Continue reading

Upstate New York’s Best Pizza Winners

We’re New Yorkers. There are two things we know about ourselves: we don’t take anyone’s crap and we have the best pizza in the country – no argument. recently did a poll… Continue reading

Daley’s on Yates

Being from Schenectady, I’m so excited when there is some great development in my city. I had heard great things about Daley’s but never personally experienced it, until now, and I’m counting down… Continue reading

RARE Craft Steak and Cocktail House

I had been a frequent visitor to Marotta’s on Union Street in Downtown Schenectady and was shocked when I heard they were undergoing this change. I had a chance to see what they’re… Continue reading

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