Grate Expectations


Grate Expectations


Everyone has their first and in the Capital Region, during the time of COVID cookies and charcuterie boards, my first was Grate Expectations.

The “Chief Cheese Officer” of Grate Expectations is Nedine, the queen behind these delicious charcuterie boards. She was born in Syracuse but now, we’re luckily enough to have her and her delicious boards here in the Capital Region.

Nedine offers regular sizes of boards and then, catering is also a possibility. Small ($35) which is for about 1-2 people, large ($55) for about 2-4 servings, and the extra large grazing platter ($140) for about 12-15 people.

Delivery is free within 5 miles of Latham and .79 cents a mile after that so her boards are really open to being delivered across the Capital Region. Currently, due to COVID-19, all orders are delivery only with contact-less doorstep drop-offs City D to ensure proper social distancing.

I was so excited to get my board and was surprised by how beautiful and delicious the entire experience was. Some boards have fruits and vegetables, some meat and cheeses, there are a ton of different options to choose from for your board so it’s exactly what you’re looking for. We found this board to be incredibly fresh and loved putting together each bite with the ingredients in the box.

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