Best Places for Tea in the Capital Region [LIST]


Best Places for Tea in the Capital Region [LIST]


I’m not a coffee drinker. I appreciate the art of it, I appreciate the smell but my heart belongs to tea so I was so happy to find this list for those of you like me – tea is #1.

You’ll usually find me with a group of friends being told “You’ve never tried this coffee” or “This one barely tastes like coffee, you’ll like it!” Yeah, no I won’t. I don’t know what it is about it. I love smelling it, I love how artful people have gotten with it but for whatever reason, the love for the flavor of it never stuck (and that counts living 4 years in NYC). Tea, though, tea speaks to me. It can just be something to drink in the morning, it can be medicine, and it can be like a warm massage for my insides. There are so many different kinds of tea, no many different healing properties and I would love to try them all! If you’re like me, instead of going to the nearest coffee shop, try one of these Capital Region tea places New York Upstate highlights for a change!

The Whistling Kettle (Ballston Spa/Troy): My first experience with The Whistling Kettle was the Troy location with the Taste of Troy food tours. They have a tea for everyone. You want black, green, white…or sweet, earthy, neutral…or a latte like chai? They have it all, plus some delicious food to eat right along with it.

The Tailored Tea (Latham): This place is a little off of Rte 7 right by the Albany International Airport. If you go that way, you may have seen the older white house but didn’t realize the delicious food and teas you’ll find inside. Also, keep an eye out for Groupons they frequently have.

Saratoga Tea and Honey (Saratoga): Located right on the main road, I’ve never actually been inside for tea but I’ve had their products all over the area. They have more than 80 teas and the ability to sample some of them. All you have to do is pair it with their delicious honey and you’ll be back for more!

Divinitea (Halfmoon): I used to be able to visit Divinitea when it was on Union Street in Schenectady. I just remember how amazing it smelt every time I’d walk inside. Though I haven’t yet been to their Halfmoon location, I’m sure it’s the same way. They blend their own teas and if you’re nervous, they host a free organic tea tasting from 9:30AM to noon every Saturday.

Short and Stout Tea Lounge (Albany): Another tea spot on my bucket list. They’re very active on their social media about which teas they’re offering and I’ve heard their bubble tea is something worth experimenting with if you haven’t had it before. They have more than 130 loose leaf tea options so get there ASAP to try them all!

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