De-Stress with Donkeys in Upstate New York

Life can get stressful, right? Thank goodness we have animals and there’s a donkey park not too far from here that may be a place for you to look into to de-stress yourself.

Only about an hour south of here in Ulster Park is where you can de-stress with donkeys at Donkey Park, according to New York Upstate. Owner Steve Stiert was a software engineer with IBM originally until his position was eliminated, that’s when he fell in love with donkeys. At his donkey park, you can find 11 donkeys, a mule, and a donkey-zebra hybrid. NYUp also says, “He takes them to schools, nursing homes and events for children with disabilities. He also teaches donkey husbandry and has an 800-member Meetup group that features hikes with donkeys.”

There’s really no way you can still be stressed when you’re paying attention to a donkey. Stiert even goes as far as to call them a stress sponge. If this is something that interests you, you can even become a volunteer as part of their website. You can even join one of their Hudson Valley donkey walks via MeetUp with the next one coming up this Sunday, September 9th.

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