You Voted: Best Italian in the Capital Region [LIST]

Is there a type of food that more people love than Italian food? It has something for everyone – pizza, pasta, seafood, garlic. I made you make the hard decisions, it even got a little heated, but you came up with the best Italian food in the Capital Region.

I’m a born and raised Schenectadian so it’s hard for me to put anywhere up against my hometown when it comes to Italian food does hurt my heart a little bit but I knew it had to be done. This question is so intense, it even started an argument on my Instagram page! No worries, there are a ton of great places in the Capital Region to eat Italian and here’s the list that you came up with:

  • Cafe Capriccio (49 Grand St, Albany)
  • Marino’s Pizza & Restaurant/ Marino’s Flying Pizza (1301 State St, Schenectady)
  • Canali’s Restaurant (126 Mariaville Rd, Schenectady)
  • Lombardo’s Italian Restaurant (121 Madison Ave, Albany)
  • Mario’s (unclear on whether it’s Lake George, Niskayuna, or New Lebanon)
  • Cavaleri’s Family Style Catering (Based in Albany, NY)
  • John Riccitello Restaurant (1687 Foster Ave, Schenectady)
  • D’Raymond’s (269 Osborne Rd, Loudonville)
  • Verdile’s Restaurant (572 2nd Avenue, Troy)
  • Ferrari’s Ristorante (1254 Congress St, Schenectady)
  • Delmonico’s (1553 Central Ave, Albany/ 3 Northside Dr, Clifton Park)
  • Pasta Pane (18 Park Ave, Clifton Park)
  • Appian Way (1839 Van Vrankin Ave, Schenectady)
  • Nove (707 Saratoga Rd, Wilton)
  • Augie’s Family Style Italian Restaurant (17 Low St, Ballston Spa)

4 thoughts on “You Voted: Best Italian in the Capital Region [LIST]”

  • You all forgot about Paolo Lombardi’s in Wynantskill. Hands down the best Italian food in the area.

    • I don’t disagree that there are some great places missing but these were the places listed when I asked on Facebook/Instagram. I’ll have to bring it back again soon because there are so many other places people are mentioning that didn’t make this list!

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