Slate Museum, Granville [PHOTO]


Slate Museum, Granville [PHOTO]

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I live in Schenectady and before a few months ago I had never been to Granville before. What I didn’t realize that was over an hour North of me was a beautiful little community with a great history as well as the Slate Valley Museum (17 Water Street, Granville) to hold it all in.


I guess I should probably start this post with a bit of a disclaimer. From June 6- November 7 the Slate Valley Museum is featuring an exhibit called “Slate as Muse” that integrates slate and the history of it within the Slate Valley into a piece of art. The art could be made of slate, a picture of slate, reminiscent of slate- as long as it is a creative muse in the piece. Twenty-seven pieces of work from all over the country can be found in this exhibit and that’s what brought me to the museum in the first place. My Aunt (Chrissey Dittus based in Lake George, NY) painted a beautiful piece called “Slate Truck.” If you happen to find your way up there, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind a vote for the “People’s Choice” winner.

Aside from the specialty exhibits, this museum demonstrates the cultivation of slate and the history of slate in the Slate Valley of New York and Vermont through historic artifacts from the area’s renowned slate quarries and mills.

"Slate Truck" by Chrissey Dittus
“Slate Truck” by Chrissey Dittus

Admission to the museum is only $5 and you could probably get through the entire thing in about an hour but the surrounding area is amazing as well. Visit during one of their amazing events found on their calendar and then take a walk through town. I picked up a Slate Valley Self-Guided Driving Tour, I wasn’t able to do it but a two hour tour of the history of the Slate Valley would be a beautiful ride, especially in the Fall.

Overall, this was a great little museum filled with exhibits and history that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. Surrounded by the beautiful area of the Slate Valley, it’s a nice close-by getaway if you’re looking for an interesting and visually appealing day trip!

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  • Great article! Thank you, Jess, for sharing your discovery of the Slate Valley region and our Slate as Muse exhibition! Chrissey’s painting has captured everyone’s attention at the show – especially those who own, and work for, Slate Valley quarries! – SerenaK

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