REVIEW: The Hyde Collection, Glens Falls [PHOTOS]


REVIEW: The Hyde Collection, Glens Falls [PHOTOS]


I love museums and I was so happy to make a visit to The Hyde Collection (161 Warren Street, Glens Falls) earlier this year to check out the Ansel Adams exhibit since my mother is a huge fan.

I’ve heard of The Hyde Collection and I’ve known where it was but because of how far I am from Glens Falls, I never made it there. I’m now so glad I finally did, this place is beautiful.


Charlotte Hyde established a trust in 1952 that dedicated her collection to the community. In 2004, they had a complete renovation and expansion. I really enjoyed the Hyde House. The various collections and exhibits that they museum has is amazing but my favorite part is the house itself.  Everything there, every piece of art, every book, every everything has a story and I found it fascinating.

The best idea was to take the audio tour. Everything has a number corresponding to it and that entire house is full of history. I loved being able to hear the history of each room as well as specific information about each piece the interested me. For example, the library was full of first editions and some of the paintings in there were taken apart and then put back together before they arrived at the Hyde House. In some of those paintings, you can see the square cut out. These are by artists like Rembrandt, Picasso, Van Gogh,  El Greco- not little unknown artists but the big leagues and all right in your backyard. If you’re looking for a great afternoon of history and enlightenment, you need to check out The Hyde Collection!



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