8 Best Nearby Museums for Kids [LIST]

Summertime is when you’re running around looking for ways to keep your kids busy, engaged, and away from as many screens as possible. Have you thought of checking out one of these?

I found this list compiled by The Daily Gazette and was surprised that a few of these I hadn’t even visited yet. What’s a better way to spend your summer than by pretty much tricking your kids into learning something while they’re on vacation?

  1. The Hyde Collection (Glens Falls): A good chunk of the museum is more fragile than you’d probably want to bring your kids around but there is an entire floor dedicated to family-friendly activities. Every summer, they also offer Community Days, you just have to check out their calendar.
  2. World Awareness Children’s Museum (Glens Falls): This is the most interactive of the museums, kids can play with just about every part of this facility. There’s an authentic Japanese tea room, marketplace, cafe, and this summer their focus is on water and teaching children about the waterways in the area.
  3. MASS MoCA (North Adams, MA): This museum is a bit of a drive, but from what I hear, it’s worth it. It’s the largest museum in the area and the fourth largest in the country. They also have a special KidSpace with an art bar and a special play area. If you’re making the trip out there, take a look at their schedule and maybe have your kid take an art class.
  4. The Clark Art Institute (Williamstown, MA): While you take a look at some beautiful pieces by Picasso, your children can experience the large property, geocache, or pick up some of the kid-friendly activities to walk around the museum with.
  5. Children’s Museum of Saratoga (Saratoga): Completely interactive for children with a tree house, supermarket, post office, a section to learn about Congress Park, as well as local animals.
  6. miSci (Schenectady): This museum is my childhood. Even in my 20s, I have a great time playing with the interactive exhibits as well as checking out some great shows in the Planetarium. Keep an eye on their calendar so you don’t miss seasonal exhibits like the dinosaurs and butterflies.
  7. Children’s Museum of Science and Technology- CMOST(Troy): Another great interactive museum with summer camps, daily activities, exhibits on nanotechnology and a GE Discovery Room.
  8. Albany Institute of History and Art (Albany): There are a lot of great kid-friendly programs available like “Tute for Tots,” “Artful Mornings,” as well as a Lego play station, a hieroglyphic rubbing station, and more!

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