miBrewology at miSci


miBrewology at miSci


Science, learning and beer? As a giant nerd growing up, I appreciate the next step in nerdom hosted by miSci in Schenectady. Also, I haven’t been back in the museum for awhile and they’ve updated. It’s not the same museum I remember as a kid-it’s better!

You probably know miSci as being a children’s museum, at least that’s how I always thought of it because that’s when I went. If you don’t know, miSci hosts some After Hours events where the children’s museum brings in alcohol and gives a chance to adults to experience the space.

I was so surprised at how everything had changed from what I remember. Instead of the Price Chopper grocery store and giant bubble that always ran out of bubble liquid, there was a DJ mixing booth and light manipulation. I really like how the museum has updated with the times and what children (and in our case, adults too) are interested in now. It did shake me when I saw an early iPhone, CD player and Atari as a museum exhibit, but I get it.

Honestly, the minute we walked into the museum, it was like we were kids again. My boyfriend and I couldn’t wait to play with the interactive exhibits (especially with a beer in hand). There was a live DJ for this event, so it was tough to hear some of the DJing exhibits, but on a regular day, it’s probably really fun! We got to create our own roller coaster, design a skatepark and more!

The reason we were there, though, was for the miBrewology event where we got to taste some local beverages while exploring the museum. Local favorites like Frog Alley, Wolf Hollow, Other One, Boozy Moo ice cream, Murray’s Fools, Springbrook and more were giving out tastings of some of their popular beverages. It wasn’t just beer, wine and liquor lovers would’ve been satisfied, too. Plus, Flacos Tacos was outside with some delicious tacos for dinner.

We had a great time grabbing a taste and then, checking out another exhibit. I miss being able to leave with some astronaut ice cream from the store, but they now have a space for board games and blocks (and maybe for parents to hang out while the kids are running around).

Don’t miss the next event at miSci, the miFamily Day: The Science of Wands and Wizardry and the After Dark Event, AfterDark: Wands & Wizardry. So, Harry Potter fans of the Capital Region, don’t miss your chance to see the museum for yourself and have some after dark fun with Harry Potter and alcohol!

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