Sur La Table


Sur La Table


Sur La Table just opened in Stuyvesant Plaza and I had a chance to check out what they had and try one of their cooking classes.

Sur La Table is a retail company based in Seattle, Washington that sells all kinds of cookware, from espresso machines to small electrics to bakeware and more. Sur La Table has cooking classes and a blog, so they not only sell the cooking products but teach you how to best utilize them. Sur La Table just recently took over what was once Different Drummers Kitchen in Stuyvesant Plaza.

I had the opportunity to experience one of their cooking classes, this one was about how to put together a charcuterie board. I love charcuterie boards, but you forget the artistry that is involved by putting them together, making them look so beautiful.

The instructors at Sur La Table have an incredible culinary background and teach an incredible range of classes, all of which you can find on their website. Five-star French recipes, Indian, Thai, specialty date nights, fall desserts-recipes from all over the world you can learn first-hand in Stuyvesant Plaza.

The store and kitchen sections are both beautiful. When you’re in the kitchen, you forget that there’s a store behind you, which I like. It really feels like you’re cooking in a restaurant.

We each had our own station with a cutting board, knives and other tools we needed to create the board. Each of us broke up into pairs or groups to cut the ingredients or get them ready for the board. My group marinated the artichoke hearts and cut the sausage. Other groups whipped the goat cheese, cut the baguette and sliced the strawberries so they looked fancy.

The instructors were right there every step of the way, which is great if something in the class was more challenging. Not only did we work together to make a charcuterie board to eat, but we also got to make a charcuterie board with the ingredients to take home. There were some Sur La Table ingredients that you could buy in the store along with some delicious meats, cheeses, dried fruits and other spreads. Their cooking class menu is really exciting and I can’t wait to try another one!

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