You Can Soon Rent Electric Cars by the Hour in Albany


You Can Soon Rent Electric Cars by the Hour in Albany


Debating on buying an electric car but want to see what they’re like first? Or, maybe you don’t have a car but just need one for a few errands? Soon, you’ll be able to rent electric cars by the hour.

The Capital District Regional Transportation Authority (CDTA) is looking to debut an electric car-sharing service where you can rent by the hour in the next few months.

“We’re unveiling what we think will have the next big impact,” CDTA’s CEO Carm Basile said recently when he explained the new service during the organization’s State of CDTA event, according to the Times Union.

The program will start in Albany with their sights on Troy next. Called the “Drive” initiative, you will be able to rent a Chevrolet Bolt for $5 per hour or $40 for the day. You will reserve the car over an app on your phone and then can pick up the car at one of the charging stations CDTA will have around the area – similar to the CDTA bikes, it seems.

The service will be available to anyone aged 21 and over with a valid driver’s license, a “relatively clean driving record,” and a credit/debit card for payment. “A clean driving record is defined as no major accidents, moving violations, or DWIs as well as no more than two minor tickets in the last five years.”

For more information, visit the CDTA website.

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