Bear’s Cup, Bolton Landing


Bear’s Cup, Bolton Landing


If you need a pick-me-up in the morning in the form of delicious coffee and a great breakfast pastry or sandwich, then you need to try Bear’s Cup in Bolton Landing.

Okay, I’m gonna be honest with you. I had never heard of Bear’s Cup before I got to experience that first-hand. My assumption for that is because I’m based in Schenectady and they’re in Bolton Landing. Honestly. though, I’m so glad I don’t have to live anymore life not knowing what they have to offer and how great everything tastes.

Before I went, I did a bit of research. I knew that I couldn’t leave there without a bagel, a cinnamon roll, or a bear claw (and I wasn’t going to disagree with the internet). Little did I know, I wasn’t going to leave there with a lot more than that.

Bear’s Cup started with a husband/wife duo “bringing a little love to town with artisanal coffees, hand rolled bagels, nitro infused cold taps, pastries made in-house daily from scratch,” according to their website. Now, they’re taking the North Country by storm by winning 2021 Best Breakfast from and showing up on the Rachael Ray Show (and we all know she’s originally from the area).

Honestly, we tried so many things from their menu I think I have enough experience to say that there’s nothing on it that isn’t delicious. We started out with a Chai latte and cappuccino along with a bagel with cream cheese and “The NYC” which is a bagel with lox. Then, we introduced ourselves to Rachel, one of the owners, who recommended so much more.

We ended up with a bear claw, cinnamon roll, everything croissant, gluten-free banana bread slice, blueberry cheese danish, blueberry coffee cake, chocolate chip coffee cake, and more. Now, I could go through each and every thing that we ordered and tell you how delicious it was because genuinely everything was. Instead, I’ll give you my top three.

Okay, if you’re going for the first time, you need to get a bagel. You can get a sandwich, you can get it with cream cheese, or you can get it plain but no matter what, you need a bagel. DON’T LEAVE WITHOUT A BAGEL! Second, that cinnamon roll was so good. It’s not like a cinnamon roll that you usually expect, I don’t know how they landed on this shape but it does something when it’s cooking that gives it such an interested texture. Third, I would say bear claw but I mean their name is BEAR’S Cup, it’s their most popular item, you know you need to get that. Instead, I would recommend that gluten-free banana bread. I’m not even a huge fan of coconut but like what it did to the flavor. It was dense in flavor and weight but I really enjoyed it. I meant to eat a piece and share it and then out of nowhere it was gone – magic!

So, if you want a new place for breakfast (especially on a beautiful day) make the trip to Bolton Landing and get Bear’s Cup. Otherwise, you’re missing some of the best breakfast in the area!

*Note: though I wasn’t monetarily compensated, I was gifted the food in return for an honest review

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