The Ghosts of The Sagamore Resort [LIST]


The Ghosts of The Sagamore Resort [LIST]


The Sagamore Resort has been named as one of the most haunted hotels in the US but do you know about the ghosts that haunt it?

The Sagamore Resort, in Bolton Landing, is known for its fantastic location, history, and ghosts. I’ve always known that The Sagamore Resort was haunted but I didn’t realize what ghosts were lingering and why the Today show named it one of the top 10 most haunted hotels in the country, according to

The Sagamore has been open since 1883 and after burning down in 1893 and 1914, it was fully reconstructed in 1930. Since then, it continued to thrive, even through The Great Depression. Through all of those years and all of those people staying at the resort, it has led to quite a few ghost stories spreading through the property.

  • Golfers have mentioned seeing a little boy while they’re playing. The little boy, seems to be from the 1950s, was reportedly hit by a car and now spends the afterlife by stealing golf balls and flinging them as golfers while laughing.
  • If you’re staying there, you may come across a woman in white who likes to enter some of the rooms and frighten guests by blowing cold air into the eyelids of sleeping guests while floating over them.
  • Guests have mentioned seeing a woman in a blue polka dot dress going down the hallways and spending time in the restaurant.
  • The most interesting, in my opinion, is a couple that is seen walking into the dining room and fights. He flings her to the floor and then she reaches for him and then they fade away. Guests have also mentioned seeing them in a second floor room as well.
  • One ghost also caused one of the chefs to quit. One of the chefs reported that a blonde woman was talking to him and then after it was over, she walked right through him. He couldn’t work after that and quit directly afterwards.

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  • You mentioned that you always knew the sagamore was haunted, how did you know? Was it just because of the appearance and because it’s old?


    • It’s just common lore up here. Everyone has heard the stories about ghosts in that building.

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