You know what’s better than cake? Cake with rum! You know where you can get some? Let me tell you.

While exploring Instagram, I came across a delicious looking cake from Great ExBaketations and happened to see that she was having a contest to win one. Here’s the thing, I love cake and I love rum cake and I love winning things (who doesn’t?) so I entered. To my surprise, I won!

I had the pleasure of meeting the owner Chey briefly as I went to pick up my cake (due to recent vehicle issues, otherwise, she mentioned she would’ve delivered it). She offers a few different kinds of rum cake, including:

  • Chocolate Borracha Cake: Decadent dark chocolate bundt cake enriched with a creamy chocolate/coconut glaze- $35
  • Classic Rum Cake: Traditional-style vanilla bundt cake saturated with a rum syrup glaze- $35
  • Limoncello Divina Cake: Tart lemon-flavored bundt cake drenched in divinely citrusy and sweet Limoncello glaze- $40
  • Margarita Limon Cake: Cheerfully tart lime-flavored bundt cake bathed in a feisty tequila-lime glaze- $35
  • Mexican Cafecito Cake: A coffee-flavored cake seasoned the Mexican way, with cinnamon, brown sugar and more spices. Bathed in a strong and sweet spiked coffee glaze- $40
  • Spiced Rum Cake: A twist on our Classic Rum Cake. A warming, richly spiced rum glaze- $35

I had the Classic Rum Cake and it was fantastic. It was moist in the cake and with the rum. The rum flavor was there but not overpowering, the cake flavor alone was delicious, put them together and it was a really great rum cake. For a party, for a friend, or for yourself, sometimes you just need a rum cake.

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