New Distillery Opens in Albany Warehouse District

As a whiskey girl, it looks like I need to make some new friends and add a new hang out to my repertoir.

You’re probably already familiar with Albany Distilling Co but now, Albany is adding another distillery option downtown.

I heard about Capital Distillery first through the Albany Business Review. The distillery is inside an old Bruegger’s Bagels factory (which just adds more of my favorite things together) on 32 Learned Street.

The distillery started producing in August and had a soft opening a few weeks ago. They already offer some interesting beverages, including: rose vodka, honey brandy, pink gin (with cherry juice), and NY Maple which is a distilled NY maple syrup.

You can already find their products inside nearby bars like Lost & Found and Vintage House, as well as Excelsior House, The Berlin in Troy, and soon inside Wolff’s Biergarten. I can’t wait to take a look at the new products for myself!

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