Where to Be Naked in the Capital Region

Ever wanted to go to a nudist beach or feel the air on your nude body in public? If you didn’t know already, there are places and events where you can strut your nude stuff.

You’ve heard of nudists, it may be something you’ve wanted to try, but maybe you didn’t know how or where. Well, New York Upstate came up with a list of some places you can be naked in and around the Capital Region.

  • Alice Falls (Adirondacks): swimming is technically prohibited but that doesn’t mean you won’t find people swimming, and sometimes swimming nude. According to their website, though, they say: Disclaimer: on August 21, I received a series of emails inquiring about nude swimming at Alice Falls.  It turns out that the website of a nudist club in that area promotes this as a nudist swimming hole.  Furthermore, they refer to this webpage for directions.  Please be advised that we have nothing to do that with that website or that club.  We look at this as an unauthorized reference to our site and to the best of our knowledge, nudism is not tolerated at this location.
  • Copperas Pond (Adirondacks): part of the Eastern Shore Campground, clothing is optional so don’t be surprised if people start jumping in nude- join them!
  • Potters Falls (Ithaca): it’s a littler further away than the others, and technically, swimming of any kind is prohibited. Again, that doesn’t stop people from doing it.
  • Spier Falls (Queensbury): nudity isn’t as common here but it is accepted and technically, swimming is prohibited and there is enforcement if your party is too loud and obnoxious.
  • Split Rock Hole (New Paltz): swimming is accepted here but for nude swimming, walk past the bridge and down the stairway to the sign that will direct you to the nude swimming space. While you’re there, just go a bit further to see Stony Kill Falls to the nudist pool.
  • Full Tan Sun Club (Sprakers): want to spend a significant amount of time naked with people doing the same thing? Take some time at this retreat.
  • Juniper Woods (Catskills): Ever want to do a paint and sip? Ever wanted to know what it would be like nude? This is the retreat you have to check out.
  • Northern Exposure Sun Club (Capital Region): Apply to be a member to this club and you automatically become a member of the American Association for Nude Recreation and can take trips to all of the great nude places in the area.

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