Knitting Group Helps Cancer Patients at Albany Med


Knitting Group Helps Cancer Patients at Albany Med


With all of the negative news in the world, I love seeing not only good news but good local news. I have to share it!

Susan Gonzalez and her friends love to get together to knit so they decided to use their passion to benefit others. Spectrum News recently did a story on the knitting group that started in 2015.

Since the beginning, the group meets once per month to create hats for the dialysis unit at Albany Medical Center. In total, they have delievered over a thousand hats to area hospitals.

The group prides themselves on making each of the hats different. They think what makes them special, aside from being homemade, is that each person gets a hat specifically for them. Each hat also comes with a tag with the name of the person who made it. It really personalizes the hat and the experience. It’s a bit of light during a time when people are fighting for their lives.

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