Lake George Tiki Boats Disappearing, New Tour Announced [PHOTO]

While walking around Lake George Village, you may have noticed the large tiki boats parked on the water. Well, they’re disappearing and being replaced with something else.

The tiki boats were a new way to explore Lake George. It was a floating bar with a new kind of touring experience. Now, according to The Post Star, they’re no more!

No worries, though, they’re working on something new – the Tiki Barge. As long as they get approval by the U.S. Coast Guard, the boat will be 30-foot by 10-foot tri-pontoon boat with a 12-foot high canopy. The barge will hold 16 people (10 more than the boats) and people will still be able to bring their own drinks on board. They have even announced a bathroom on board instead of a port-o-john with a shower curtain like before.

Their goal is to be able to bring kayaks and paddle boats to certain bays to expand what they can offer on the boats. Commissioners have had safety concerns and some have some out and said that they outright don’t like the look of them on the lake.

We’ll have to see how far this gets but for now, the lake is tiki-less, unless these new barges get approved.

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