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Pick Six Vodka, Saratoga Courage Distillery [VIDEO]

I went to the Adirondack Wine & Food Festival at the end of June and usually I make my regular stops at the wine and whiskey booths but for some reason I was… Continue reading

Want to be a Travers VIP?

Next to Opening Weekend, Travers Weekend is probably the busiest the track ever gets during the season. NYRA has a chance for you to experience Travers like a VIP this year and it’s… Continue reading

Salt and Char Featured Burger- One Week Left!

You may have already read on my blog that Salt & Char in Saratoga has featured a burger partnering with James beard Foundation. I had a chance to try it and if you… Continue reading

We’re Famous for Something, Why Not Have a Festival to Celebrate?

Potato Chips are one of those things that everyone eats. It’s just the best vehicle for getting dips, cheeses, hummus into your mouth. Did you know that they were created locally?

Have You Ever Wanted to be a Jockey at the Track?

I’ll be honest, being a jockey was never really something I thought about. Granted, that could be because I haven’t been under 5’5″ since Elementary school but whether you’ve wanted to experience it… Continue reading

Saratoga Race Course Announces 2017 Giveaways

Every year it seems like one of the most important announcements for the track is the giveaways. We’ve had some amazing, well-trained, nationally known horses come to Saratoga but it’s crazy when free… Continue reading

Beer is a Four Letter Word- Shmaltz 4th Anniversary

I not only love beer but I love local beer. There’s something about beer produced in the area that tastes just a little better than beer from out of the area. That’s what… Continue reading

Local McDonalds Stepping Up Their Tech

When I think McDonalds, I think fast food, drive-thrus and french fries but now, I guess I have to think touch screens and computers…but still french fries.

Bike Sharing Locations Announced in Capital Region [PHOTO]

When I visit bigger cities, I love seeing a bunch of people riding around on bikes getting to where they need to go instead of driving everywhere. Not only is it better for… Continue reading

Adelphi Hotel New Estate Sale Announcement

The Adelphi Hotel will be reopening this summer and to prepare, they’re auctioning off more items. The first auction went so well, they’re doing it again!

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