Riverview Orchards, Rexford


Riverview Orchards, Rexford

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Always a stop on the annual cider donut tour, Riverview Orchards never disappoints!

The Barrett Family has owned Riverview Orchards since 1944 (see photo below). According to their website, they offer a “prize-winning apple cider donut, over 35 kinds of homemade pies, fresh eggs, Adirondack maple syrup, local honey, and Apple Butter.” They have apple picking, small animals and an observation hive of bees (see if you can find the queen).

If you’re looking to pick apples yourself, they offer a ton of New York State favorites like Honeycrisp, Red Delicious, Empire, McIntosh and more. Plus, they offer Bowman Orchards cider if you want the full Upstate New York fall experience.

Their country store may be smaller than some of the others locally but I like that it doesn’t feel crowded and I can see everything. Also, most of the stuff is their brand. They have salad dressings, spiced peaches and honey, and those aren’t normally things you see at these stores.

The reason they end up on the annual cider donut list every year is because they’re one of my favorites locally. They make them fresh every day and you can taste it (and watch, too). I’m not sure if they double-fry it or if there’s something in the batter but if you’re a crunchy cider donut fan, you have to try them from Riverview Orchards. Plus, they serve them hot and you can’t beat that in a cider donut.

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