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Scotia Sweets


You ever follow someone on Instagram who makes what looks to be some really delicious things and all you want in this world is to try them for yourself? Friends, I crossed another off of my bucket list.

I’ve been following Scotia Sweets on Instagram for a while. Quick backstory, I LOVE cookies. Like, it’s a problem how much I love cookies. I will go out of my way to try a delicious cookie. So, when I saw Scotia Sweets not only making these delicious-looking cookies but other kinds of treats, I knew I had to find her (but not like, in a creepy way – just stalking the cookies).

The baker behind Scotia Sweets is Leigh and though she’s now located in Scotia, according to her website, she actually is originally from Wisconsin. Leigh makes everything from cookies and brownies to a “Pumpkin Pie Bar Organized Chaos” that she recently posted.

The box I got included: Fruity Pebbles cookies (topped with marshmallow and Fruity Pebbles), Rolo S’more Cookie (topped with marshmallows, a Rolo, and a dusting of graham cracker), Peanut Butter Lover (topped with Reese’s Pieces, a Reese’s Cup and full of peanut butter chips), and the Mint Chocolate Chip (topped with Andes chocolates).

Honestly, each one was better than the last. I was surprised, first, by how much I enjoyed the Fruity Pebbles cookie. I thought it was going to be too sweet but I really enjoyed not only the flavor but the added crunch. The Rolo S’more cookie surprised me because I didn’t think I liked Rolos but it was really good with all of those flavors together. Then, Mint Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Lover, you can’t go wrong with those flavor pairings.

These cookies are from a pop-up from over the summer but you can order treats from her website or follow her on Instagram and see where her next pop-up is.

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