Storied Coffee, Scotia


Storied Coffee, Scotia


Not only is the story behind Storied Coffee amazing, but what you find inside the doors is as well.

Storied Coffee opened up in early 2019 after overshooting their $20,000 crowdfunding goal by 25 percent. Owners Rich and Christine Sarnacki are both from Upstate New York and decided to turn to Kickstarter to raise money to update the space they bought on Mohawk Ave in Scotia. It was really a business that started from the community for the community.

They believe that “every cup tells a story” and they want your experience at Storied Coffee to be a memory, something special. “We don’t take these things for granted at Storied, we revolve around them. Stopping for coffee as we hit the road or sharing smiles over a cup with friends are the meaningful moments we cherish. Carefully crafted coffee and engaging service interactions can make moments like these all the more memorable, and we’re here to provide with these things.”

They try to reach out and utilize local brands as much as possible on top of creating products themselves within the store. You can find the full menu on their website.

I got the Smoked Salmon Sammy ($6) with 2.5oz of smoked salmon with red onion, capers, and scallion cream cheese. Everything about it was delicious and for that price, you can’t beat it! If you need to change up your breakfast routine, you need to check out Storied Coffee.

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