Ferrari’s Ristorante, Schenectady


Ferrari’s Ristorante, Schenectady


It’s not an argument, Schenectady has the best Italian food in the Capital Region (I may be biased but it’s totally true). The reason? Places like Ferrari’s Ristorante that have been around since 1974.

The thing that Italian restaurants in Schenectady have that other restaurants don’t have yet is longevity and tradition. There’s a reason these places in Schenectady have been around as long as they have. The food is delicious and the space makes you feel like family.

Ferrari’s Ristorante stands by the feeling that you’re going to your Italian grandma’s house for a delicious dinner with way more food than you’re ever going eat. It’s comfortable and it’s family. Not only does the restaurant look like you’re eating in the family dining room but the feeling from the entire staff continues that.

There are so many options for entrees, pasta, appetizers, and it all looks delicious. I recently stopped in for dinner and ordered the Eggplant Parm. It’s one of my go-to meals so I figured it was the best thing to order. With that, came salad, bread, and I got some homemade cavatelli ($6+). I ended up eating that eggplant and past for three separate meals and was not mad about it. It’s delicious homemade Italian food with the huge portion size you’re expecting.

For dessert, don’t sleep on the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake. Seriously, order it. It’s rich and you probably won’t finish it after all of that food for dinner but get it, it’s so good.

I love seeing all of these Italian restaurants lasting as long as they are, especially during a tough time like COVID. They’re a part of Schenectady’s history just like Proctors or General Electric. So, if you’re missing seriously home cooked food like Grandma used to make, next date night is at Ferrari’s Ristorante.

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