Druthers, Schenectady


Druthers, Schenectady

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Okay, so we know you’ve heard about how delicious their mac & cheese is, right? I found another thing on their menu that you may be overlooking that you have to order – yesterday.

Druthers is kind of a staple in the Capital Region. With locations in Saratoga, Albany, Schenectady, and soon Clifton Park, you can’t go anywhere without being in delivery distance from some hearty comfort food. Druthers has a great mentality, according to their website, “We all make a life one choice at a time and we know that our loyal enthusiasts are trading up, spending more, and drinking less. We will never make concessions as an aberration against the spirit of our beer. Our commitment to choice beer will always be focused on quality not gimmicks or hype. The kind of quality that rewards craft beer enthusiasts and makes Druthers the right choice.”

Druthers can be broken down into two parts: their beer and their food, and both are good on their own but taste so much better together.

As I’ve mentioned, the Druthers mac & cheese is almost legendary. You get a good serving packed with some great flavor. Everything is made by hand and the menu changes seasonally to keep it fresh.

I know, you’re going to open the menu and want everything, let me narrow it down to some of my favorites to help you out: Beer Cheese Dip ($13), Fried Garlic Parm Brussels Sprouts ($10), literally any of the Druthers Pasta ($9-16), Ugly or Gouda Burger ($15) and my new favorite is the Gordita Crunch ($15). You’re thinking Taco Bell but this is a-whole-nother level of delicious with roasted chicken, salsa roja, beer cheese, jalapeno ranch, iceberg, corn tortilla, toasted pita, pico de gallo.

As I also mentioned, they’re a brewery. Now, it’s hard for me to tell you which beers you’re going to like since beer is a personal decision but they’re all delicious so grab a flight, find your favorite and lose yourself in the comfort of everything going on around you.

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