Druthers Announces New Location Opening


Druthers Announces New Location Opening

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You love their food, you love their beer and now, you’ll soon have a new place to enjoy the deliciousness Druthers has to offer.

You’ve had them in Saratoga, then in Albany, then in Schenectady, and now, you’ll soon be able to have Druthers in Clifton Park, according to Saratoga Living.

As it says on Saratoga Living, the new Druthers “will be located on the corner of Southside and Maxwell Drives near Clifton Park Center. The new location will feature 9,300 square feet of restaurant space with seating for 239 customers, an 800-square-foot covered patio with seating for 48 and a 1,600-square foot enclosed patio with seating for 100. Oh, but that’s not all. Add on a 2,300-square-foot outdoor bar pavilion with 50 seats and 40,000 square feet of outdoor space with 100 seats, and you’ve got the perfect place for you and 536 of your closest friends to grab a bite”

There’s no word on when the new location will be opening but construction will begin Spring 2021.

As Druthers self-describes on their website, “We want Druthers to taste like the comfort food of your dreams” and honestly, if you’ve never been, they hit it right on the head.

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