Barkeater Chocolates, North Creek


Barkeater Chocolates, North Creek

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I don’t hide the fact that Barkeater Chocolates are some of my favorite in the area but I didn’t realize I could be a part of the chocolate-making process!

I was so excited when Deb Morris, one of the owners of Barkeater Chocolates, invited me to the North Creek shop to experience….and experience. To start, my friend and I sat on the porch and got a rundown of the history of Barkeater Chocolates, how the chocolate is made, and what makes their chocolate special. Then, we got something we weren’t expecting.

Deb decided to pair our regular chocolate experience with the story of how their North Creek location is haunted. Honestly, I was so intrigued by this story that part of me almost forgot that we were there to make chocolate. We heard the expertly researched story from the original owners of the house (which is now the store and factory) through the various people who have held ownership as well as their impact on North Creek. The best part? The story features some pretty badass North Creek women who took serious charge. I don’t want to ruin the hidden mysteries so you’re going to have to take the haunted tour yourself. It was crazy to hear first-hand stories of the unexplained sounds and movement in the shop, though! [BOOK THE HAUNTED EXPERIENCE HERE $30/pp]

Then, it was time to make our own chocolate! We got to select three things from a list of things to add to our chocolate. I went with quinoa, hazelnuts, and cayenne. They had some interesting things on there like bee pollen, mini marshmallows, dried fruits, nuts, etc. We ended up making chocolate bark, two candy bars, and a chocolate turtle. They give you all of the chocolate and you just experiment with flavor. It was so much fun to create out own chocolate bars knowing that I was going to be able to bring them home and share my creations with my boyfriend. The process wasn’t very difficult and it was a great bonding experience between friends.. [BOOK THE CHOCOLATE MAKING EXPERIENCE HERE $40/pp]

Also, coming up, they have an Amateur Ghost Hunting Fireside Experience which includes s’mores, hot chocolate, and ghost stories. [BOOK THE GHOST HUNTING EXPERIENCE HERE $15/pp] They have two Thursdays coming up, August 7th and 15th.

You’ve most likely seen the chocolate in your local grocery store but take it up a notch with a great family experience, date experience, or just something to do with friends by making it yourself! Don’t forget to grab some of their famous bars, truffles, and Grown Up Peanut Butter Cups (literally, they’re the best, take some home) on your way out!

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