Real Haunted Places in the Capital Region [LIST] [VIDEO]


Real Haunted Places in the Capital Region [LIST] [VIDEO]


We have some great scary places to visit here in the Capital Region. We have haunted houses, scary hayrides, but they’re not really haunted. We do have those places too, more than you’d expect. Do you know of any real-life haunted places in the area?

Looking to visit somewhere spooky for Halloween but bored of the haunted houses you pay to get into? Have you ever tried a real haunted place? New York Upstate put together a list of some of the actual haunted places you can find right here in our area. Have you heard of any of these stories? Any places you’d add to the list?


  • Barkeater Chocolates: Apparently, the building that houses these delicious chocolate makers is known for unindentifiable footsteps and voices. Some employees even have a name for one of the ghosts, Miranda, who changed the thermostat until they taped it still.
  • Big Moose Lake: Grace Brown is said to haunt the area after her murder in 1906 while staying at a cabin on the lake and people in the area have said to have seen her face often
  • Fort Ticonderoga: The legend goes that General “Mad” Anthony Wayne’s mistress drowned herself in Lake Champlain and she’s been seen floating on the water and some have even heard her sobbing.
  • Fort William Henry: People have heard ghosts walking around the fort and slamming doors – “Ghost Hunters” even took a trip to investigate the location [VIDEO BELOW]
  • Sagamore Hotel: Haunted America Tours once named this hotel as one of the top 10 haunted hotels in the country. There are quite a few stories of ghosts at the hotel, namely a little boy who would throw golf balls at some of the players from behind a tree. (I’ll mention some other specifics in a future post)


  • Canfield Casino: There have been ghosts seen in wedding photos, objects mysteriously moving, hair pulling – “Ghost Hunters” also took a trip to investigate this location. [VIDEO BELOW]
  • Forest Park Cemetery: USA Today recommends this as a haunted must visit. It’s closed to the public but the gates and fencing have been removed. People have reported hearing laughter and various cold spots
  • Loudon Cottage: You may be lucky enough to see a celebrity ghost at this location since it was owned by Clara Harris, the woman who was sitting next to Abraham Lincoln when he was assassinated. Legend has it that some of his blood spread on her dress and she kept it and eventually started seeing his spirit
  • New York State Capitol: You can get a tour of the haunted Capitol throughout the week where you can experience the ghost watchman that protects the building and a man walking around the fifth floor.
  • Knox Mansion: Witnesses have experienced flickering lights, mysterious footsteps and an old gardener that usually only appears to children
  • Vale Cemetery: This 150-year-old cemetery has seen statues that have cried blood, figures wandering between graves, and sounds of singing from the old church on the property, you may come in contact with the “Victorian Lady in Mourning”

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