Simone’s Kitchen, Schenectady


Simone’s Kitchen, Schenectady

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The name may sound familiar if you’re from the Coxsackie area but guess what, Electric City, you’re next to get Simone’s Kitchen.

I saw the signs around Downtown Schenectady at The Benjamin saying that something was coming. I couldn’t wait to see what and recently, we found it, it’s something the area is already familiar with.

Welcome to Simone’s Kitchen coming to Downtown Schenectady in fall 2021. I was excited to be able to meet the owners, hear about their passions of their food, and (my favorite part) try some of the food soon to be available in my hometown.

Simone’s Kitchen, as posted on their website, “is inspired by the school lunches Simone used to pack her two sons which consisted of a base of greens and grains, topped with a source of protein, and decorated with a variety of vegetable medleys.”

Featuring Mediterranean-style foods, they say about their cuisine “We’ve really made it a point to make our food appealing to the average person in a way that’s still wholesome and delicious,” said owner Bashir Chedrawee. Chedrawee and his business partner, Shan Kavrejo, hope to expand the Schenectady menu from their menu in Coxsackie to add other regional foods.

Two of the bowls they plan to offer in Schenectady is The Benjamin and The Franklin. The Benjamin is fresh greens, basmati rice, Mediterranean seasoned chicken, potatoes, tomato salsa, cabbage slaw, kale tabbouleh, creamy garlic, hummus, tzatziki, feta, and tahini dressing. The Franklin is fresh greens, quinoa, falafel, tomato salsa, garlic chickpeas, kale tabbouleh, hummus, tzatziki, Mediterranean guac, dolma, feta, and tahini dressing.

The food was delicious, especially since they had to quickly make it in the doorway of The Open Door for the press conference instead of the kitchen they’re used to. I’m excited to have new food options in Downtown Schenectady and can’t wait to see how the menu changes when they open in the fall.

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