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Meezan Kitchen


I love finding new businesses on Instagram and was so thankful to be able to taste the delicious treats from Meezan Kitchen.

COVID has changed things for a lot of people and for Layla of Meezan Kitchen, it showed her what she was really passionate about. According to the Meezan Kitchen website, Layla came to Upstate New York in 2010 where she was part of the “corporate world.” Until 2020, when she decided to follow her heart. Their licensed kitchen it located in Niskayuna but they also deliver their products to businesses across the area.

Layla gave me the opportunity to taste some of her signature items and it’s hard to put how delicious they were into words. Meezan Kitchen offers a ton of different products but I got to try the baklava and macarons. The baklava was fantastic. If you’re used to the square-cut baklava, this is even easier to eat being a roll. It’s not too sweet but hits that sweet tooth that’s always calling. The macarons were in three flavors: pistachio, peanut butter, and vanilla. These cookies were a little thicker than I’ve usually seen them but I preferred having a little something more to hold on to and who is gonna be upset at more cookie, am I right?

I love being able to support a female-owned business, especially someone who has found her passion (and you can taste it in the desserts). Even the woman where I picked everything up said that everything Layla drops off is amazing. Next time you need cookies, a cake, or other desserts for a function, take a look at Meezan Kitchen for something delicious.

Note: Meezan Kitchen provided product so that I could share about them on my website and social media.

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