Did You Know The 518 Created a Famous Sandwich?

Have you ever seen those lists of things you should know about the area? Well, I came across this fun fact today and I’ve never seen it on one of those. Did you know?

I was scrolling through some local websites and came across this story on Only in Your State that said that Saratoga happens to be the birthplace of a very famous sandwich. I mean, they invented potato chips, what were they going to eat them with?

Apparently, the Canfield Casino in Saratoga was once known as the Saratoga Club House. During the 1800s, the Saratoga Club House was *the* place to hang out. Not only were they able to gamble but their food was something to be experienced. Rumor has it, in 1894, that kitchen is where the famous club sandwich was first created.

It soon became a hit with everyone who came to the Club House that people told their friends about it. That was then the idea for the sandwich spread nationally. So, the next time you’re eating a club sandwich with potato chips, you can thank Saratoga for both of them!

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