When you live in the Capital Region your whole life, but want to be a tourist sometimes.

Do you have those things that are in the area that you know you probably should see but because you live here, you keep putting it off? For me, one of those things was Prospect Mountain and the Veteran’s Memorial Highway.

I happened to be in the Lake George area with no real destination when I saw the sign for the mountain and decided to drive up. Yes, drive. You have the option to ride your bike or walk up (different entrance) but remember, it’s a mountain and you still have to come down!

As we drove up the mountain, there were a couple stop-offs to enjoy the beautiful view of Lake George, how you may have never seen it before. With each, it was like we saw more and more of the view. Then, we got to what we thought was the summit and saw the Veteran’s Memorial. Once you get to that parking lot, you still have a little further to go for the top. You can either wait for the shuttle to drive you up or walk up the relatively steep path.

If the weather is good, the view you get of Lake George and Lake George Village is quite incredible. If it’s clear, you may even be able to see parts of Canada! It was a quick drive, something to do, a way to be outside, and a beautiful view when you get to the top. Weather permitting, the mountain is open from late May to Veteran’s Day. The 5.5-mile road brings you to the top for a 100-mile view from the 2,030′ summit.

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