Did You Know About This Mysterious Lake George Spot? [VIDEO]

If you’ve visited Lake George Village (living in this area, I’m sure you have), you may have passed by this very spot and had no idea. Next time you’re up there this summer, you have to check this out.

Think about Lake George Village and the visitor center, you may not have noticed this one important spot. I go to Lake George all of the time and only knew about this since I saw it on Only In Your State. Next to the visitor’s center is a huge compass with a picture of the lake in the middle and in the middle of it, you should see an X. You’re probably wondering why the X looks more worn than the rest of the compass, I’ll tell you.

There’s a cool sound phenomenon where you have to stand exactly in the middle of that X. Then, talk, scream, just make noise and you should hear your voice echo like you’re inside a cone. Just note that the only person that can hear the echo is the person standing on the X so don’t be weirded out if people are staring at you, wondering what you’re doing. There really isn’t an explanation to why this one spot causes this phenomenon but it’s pretty cool so give it a try!

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