Try and Conquer the Fire Tower Challenge [LIST]


Try and Conquer the Fire Tower Challenge [LIST]


If you’re looking to get outside before we start seeing snow and you’re up for a challenge, there’s a ton to choose from. The 46-er Challenge, the new Schenectady Hiking Challenge and one whose difficulty is right in the middle, the Fire Tower Challenge.

29 fire towers sit on top of summits in the Adirondacks and Catskills and you can conquer them all as part of the Fire Tower Challenge, according to New York Upstate. In order to qualify, you need to document your trips by submitting photos or writing your experience and submit it to The Glens Falls Saratoga Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club and if you top at least 23 of them and they approve, they’ll send you a patch.

Apparently, the average hiker takes a few years to conquer the challenge but it is possible to complete in one summer (and has been done). New York Upstate says about the challenge, “The trails range from .8 miles to 15.2 miles total with elevation gains ranging from 135 feet to 2,684 feet.”


  1. Adams [4.6 miles]
  2. Mount Arab [2 miles]
  3. Azure Mountain [2 miles]
  4. Bald Mountain/Rondaxe Fire Tower [2 miles]
  5. Belfry Mountain [.8 miles]
  6. Black Mountain Loop [7 miles]
  7. Blue Mountain Trail [4 miles]
  8. Cathedral Rock [2 miles]
  9. Goodnow [3.8 miles]
  10. Gore Mountain [9.8 miles]
  11. Hadley Mountain [3.6 miles]
  12. Hurricane Mountain Trail [5.6 miles]
  13. Kane Mountain Trail [1.6 miles]
  14. Loon Lake Mountain [4.7 miles]
  15. Lyon [6.8 miles]
  16. Owls Head [6 miles]
  17. Pillsbury [3.2 miles]
  18. Poke-O-Moonshine Trail [2.4 miles]
  19. Snowy Mountain Trail [7.4 miles]
  20. Spruce [2.4 miles]
  21. St. Regis [6.8 miles]
  22. Vanderwhacker [5.4 miles]
  23. Wakely [6.4 miles]
  24. Woodhull [15.2 miles]


  1. Balsam Lake [3.5 miles]
  2. Hunter [7.2 miles]
  3. Overlook Mountain Trail [5 miles]
  4. Red Hill [2.2 miles]
  5. Mount Temper Trail [5.6 miles]

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