Fudge Fancies: Everything You Know is Wrong [VIDEO]

I’ve lived in the Capital Region my entire life, I just didn’t realize my entire life was a lie.

There are a few things that are known with being born-and-raised here in the Capital Region. Schenectady has the best Italian food, UAlbany always has spring break for St. Patrick’s Day, and fudge fancies are delicious.

I was innocently scrolling through Facebook a few weeks ago when I saw two local friends of mine, Danielle and Jerry (DerryX) talking about the iconic cookie. What they were talking about was not just about how delicious they are but how everything I knew about the cookie was wrong.

As far I as I knew, The Cookie Factory were the peak Fudge Fancy makers in the Capital Region. Until I did some investigation, I found out that’s not at all true and now I don’t even know what else is a lie! Is Nipper still a dog?

Watch the video and find out how your brain has been lying to you for years:

3 thoughts on “Fudge Fancies: Everything You Know is Wrong [VIDEO]”

  • Fudge Fancies are from Bella Napoli and Fudge Fantasies are from Cookie Factory – the same cookie but so different! The shortbread texture is what sets the two apart. Cookie Factory is a tad chewier than the Bella Napoli which tends to crumble as a true shortbread cookie would. Both are still amazing!!

  • The fudge fancy cookies was first introduced in Troy at the vanilla bean baking company on fourth street Troy New York the owners were Debbie and Carl Alberino with the original recipe.

    • This video is all wrong the real fudge fancy cookie (fudge fancy is the real name of this cookie) the original fudge fancy cookie was created by Debbie and Carl Alberino of Troy New York at the Vanilla Bean Baking Company in Troy New York Debbie and Carl Alberino still make the original fudge fancy cookie in Lake George New York at the Lake George Baking Company in which Debbie and Carl Alberino run themselves they have two locations (Queensbury New York and one in Lake George New York come see and taste for yourself. THE REAL FUDGE FANCY and taste the truth

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