Parchment Bakery


Parchment Bakery


With COVID came cookies everywhere it seems and while they’re all delicious in their own right, are you ready to try something different? Something international with Parchment Bakery?

Isabel Burlingham has always loved being in the kitchen and decided to take her Norwegian roots (with a twist) and make something the Capital Region has never seen before. She says on her website, “My Mormor (grandmother) only talked about her life in Norway in the kitchen in the weeks leading up to Christmas. The women of my family gathered to make our traditional holiday cookies, sharing stories over cups of tea and floured hands. I fell in love with the cozy, warm, sweet-smelling air.”

Burlingham took that love and happy family memories and decided to create Parchment. After falling in love with our local farmers’ markets when she moved to the area in 2016, she knew right where her cookies had to be.

Personally, I had no experience with Scandinavian cuisine so I was excited to buy a bunch of cookies and see where my taste buds would take me. I decided to take home:

  • Kipful: A family favorite, Kipful is a melt in your mouth almond shortbread.  The citrus and vanilla notes beautifully complement the nutty almond flavor.
  • Pekannflarn: Crunchy and buttery-smooth, these pecan lace cookies are a true delight!  As our newest addition and therefore our current favorite, it’s hard to say if these are more addictive than the Kniplingskager.
  • Kniplingskager: This Danish lace cookie is responsible for many squabbles over who ate all the cookies?  Buttery, crisp, and with just the perfect hint of ginger, Kniplingskager is a fan favorite.

You can probably see why, it’s tricky keeping track of the delicious cookies. Just read the descriptions and take a culinary trip to a different place in the world (especially since COVID has us home more than usual lately). You can find Parchment at the local farmers’ markets but they’re also available for purchase online with a $10 flat shipping rate in New York. Enjoy!

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