Whitney Book Corner, Schenectady


Whitney Book Corner, Schenectady


You’ve just finished a book and you’re looking for the next one? Fill your bookshelf and help the Schenectady County Public Library by shopping at the Whitney Book Corner.

According to their website, “The Friends’ desire to open and staff a year-round bookstore dates back many years. The plan began to take shape when the Friends received a generous grant from the estate of Patricia Whitney, who died in 1999. The goal that the funds be used to start a bookstore in her honor was kept alive by her sister, Leah Leonard. For logistical reasons, the Board wanted the store to be as close to the central library as possible.” Finally, in 2002 they found the space on the corner of Clinton and Union. Now, 20 years later, they’re at their new location on the other side of the library.

The Whitney Book Corner shelves are stocked with books donated by people to the library or cleaned off of the library shelves so you never know what exactly you may find. Operated by the Friends of Schenectady County Public Library, all proceeds go directly back into the library.

Inside of the Whitney Book Corner, you’ll find hardcover fiction, classics, large print books, children’s books, popular paperbacks, gardening, travel, biographies/memoirs, cookbooks, history, sports, reference, self-help and local history. The books are so easy to find, the space is beautiful and I’m so happy they found a new home in the same neighborhood.

The Friends also have another store,  A Second Look Bookstore in ViaPort Mall Rotterdam. Proceeds from both stores help out the Schenectady County Public Library.

Prices can be found on their website:

  • Adult Books
    • Hardcover $3
    • Paperback – Trade $2
    • Mass market paperback (4×7″) $1
    • Current Releases
      • Hardcover $4
      • Paperback $3
  • Young Adult
    • Hardcover $3
    • Trade (paperback) $2
  • Children’s Books
    • Hardcover $2
    • Paperback $1
    • Board and golden books $1
  • Boxed sets, as marked

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