Bocage Champagne Bar, Saratoga Springs


Bocage Champagne Bar, Saratoga Springs


Are you the kind of person who thinks champagne is only for wedding toasts and fancy celebrations? Well, take a step into Bocage Champagne Bar and indulge, sometimes the only thing you need to celebrate is a full glass!

Bocage Champagne Bar opened earlier this year and already has a solid reputation. If you, like me, don’t have knowledge of champagne, then this is the best place to start. I walked in only experiencing the champagne given to me to toast a new marriage. It’s not something my wallet allowed me to experiment with and being able to talk through it with really knowledgeable people made the entire experience less nerve-wracking.

According to their website, “Bocage Champagne Bar was born as a passion project that was destined for both reality and for Saratoga Springs. The combination of Zac’s southern roots & Clark’s family ties to the Saratoga Springs area, Bocage is the perfect boutique experience for guests to gather and enjoy a glass of fizzy delight.”

The space is small but comfortable and keeps the noise level lower than that of a bar. I’m going to be honest with you, it’s pricy, but it is champagne and nothing is going to break the bank if you don’t let it. Champagne brings with it a certain feel and economic level but you don’t feel that in Bocage, even though it is in Saratoga. Not knowing a thing about champagne and not wanting to spend my whole paycheck figuring it out, I still felt welcome and the staff was more than happy to explain to this novice what I may like, not like and what’s worth the gamble.

I’m not going to pretend I left there a champagne expert (that takes so much training) but I will say I feel a little more comfortable in my knowledge of it and walked out of there with a few brands that I like and have never heard of before. I’m excited to come back in and learn some more!

Don’t forget to stop by any day from 4p – 6p for two-for-one sparkling cocktails for $12! Also, the bathroom has great lighting for a selfie!

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