Candytopia, NYC


Candytopia, NYC


Want to live out some of your childhood fantasies and have some time to kill in NYC? That’s what happened to me so I went to Candytopia!

I’m sure you’ve seen the advertisements and this reminded me a lot of when I went to the Museum of Ice Cream in NYC, also (read more here). Back in May, I decided to give Candytopia a try and see if the ads lived up to the actual experience.

Okay, so, overall, this is just a great place for influencers to get great photos for the ‘gram. If that’s what you’re looking for, then this is definitely going to be better than photos in your backyard. If you’re not an influencer and aren’t with kids, the experience is a little different.

Did I have a great time eating candy in every room and seeing all of the cool things made with sweets? Of course. For $36/pp adult and $29/pp kids (4-12), was it worth it? Meh.

Each room has a different theme and with each theme is a box of candy that you can take with you. There are interactive candy-themed things like swings, an ASMR room with big couches and you just watch chocolate being poured, and, my favorite, a marshmallow pit at the end.

Throughout the whole thing are various points to get your photo taken. My favorite of those was a spinning candy on the ground where they threw confetti over us as they took the picture. First, the photo is just confetti, you can barely make us out. Second, I’m still finding confetti in the bags I had that day. Luckily the photos were free digitally so it’s not like we wasted anything on giving it a try.

As I said, if you’re looking to pump up your Instagram feed, there are a ton of opportunities here. If you’re with kids, I’m sure they’ll have a good time. If you’re a 30-something adult with her mother bored in New York City, it was fun but a little expensive for what it was.

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