Museum of Ice Cream, NYC


Museum of Ice Cream, NYC

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After trying a few of the specialty museums in New York City, the last time my boyfriend and I were down there, we tried the newest one. You’d think ice cream + interactive = fun, right? Well…

I love museums. I love to learn, I love to explore, so when I saw that New York City had a few interactive museums I thought that they would be a fun change of pace. Our first interactive museum was the Color Factory. Each room explored a different color, the psychology behind it, as well as offering you a delicious treat and something fun to interact with. For example, there was a dance floor, a ball pit, etc. This was so much fun. If you have the chance to experience this, do it.

The next interesting museum was the Museum of Illusions. It shows you different examples of optical illusions and even includes you in some of the trickery with photos. Again, though no food, it was a great time exploring.

Then, comes the Museum of Ice Cream. You would think that after our last two experiences, this would be wonderful. Who doesn’t love ice cream? Based on the website, it looked very similar to the Color Factory, except just ice cream. It was not. Yes, each room had ice cream (and this was early-mid 2021) but after about the second room, I didn’t want anymore. The ice cream was just a way to sell the ice cream they had in the shop on your way in. Overall, the museum was incredibly boring. If you’re looking for a great backdrop for some Instagram pictures, then yeah sure, check it out. If you’re looking for literally anything else, don’t bother. It’s way too expensive for how thrown together it was and mediocre each room was.

You show up, name yourself an ice cream flavor, and then you walk in various rooms that would make an Instagram influencer’s feed freak out. The sprinkle pool (the apparent highlight of the experience) was only a few inches deep and hard as a rock. Again, great for Instagram but that’s about it. Overall, we made the best of it, but it was not in any way worth the amount it cost to get in there.

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