Dock Brown’s Lakeside Tavern, Saratoga Lake


Dock Brown’s Lakeside Tavern, Saratoga Lake


Is this post a little off-season? Yes. Does that mean that I shouldn’t write it so you don’t know a place you need to check out in Saratoga? No. So, here it is, enjoy!

I love Saratoga, but I feel like I haven’t given Saratoga Lake the attention it’s deserved over the years. I’ve been trying to do better at exploring the area, visiting 550 Waterfront and finally making it to Dock Brown’s Lakeside Tavern.

Brown’s Beach Resort opened in July 2014. As they describe on their website, Brown’s Beach Resort was a “twenty-first century twist fueled by an Adirondack-chic style; fresh, daring culinary creativity; and a welcoming lakeside atmosphere.” Brown’s Beach opened in the late 1800s as a place for the community to enjoy the lake as well as give them a place to change and store their clothing while swimming. The space was going to be repurposed until the Town of Stillwater purchased the space to keep it open for the public.

The space isn’t just home to the beach and restaurant (Dock Brown’s with boater courtesy docks), they also have the inn (The Nest), and the 60′ x 80′ enclosed outdoor pavilion for weddings, parties and events.

The weather may be a little chillier than it’s peak time in the summer but they’re not letting that stop them and are still open through the colder months.

I heard great things about their lobster roll so I had it in my head that I needed to try it. I’m always on the lookout for the best lobster roll. For $23, I got a delicious lobster roll but large lobster chunks and not overwhelmed with mayonnaise. It was worth the wait! I also paired the roll with one of their specialty drinks which made the lakeside experience complete.

Great view, yummy food, and a nice spot to spend the day with your family!

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