Fruit Loop, Clifton Park


Fruit Loop, Clifton Park


I’m always trying to eat healthy, eat natural ingredients, give my body the fuel it needs. My problem? I just can’t make it taste good enough to eat. Luckily, there are some great places locally the pride themselves on great ingredients and they make it taste much better than I do. Fruit Loop in Clifton Park is one of them.

Fruit Loop was started by Suzanne. As she describes on her website, she’s been an athlete all of her life and with that, she’s tried every diet known to man. She says “It took me quite some growing up and a lot of self love to realize “diet” needs to be thrown right out the window.” Instead of focusing on diet after diet, she decided to just eat healthier with better ingredients. “My mission is to build a health and wellness brand that empowers each and everyone of you to be your best possible self. My mission is to serve you the most nutrient dense foods, in the most delicious way! Healthy doesn’t have to be hard, let’s do it together!”

What’s great about what Fruit Loop has to offer is that everything is customizable. They have bowls, smoothies, toasts, and oatmeals. I ordered the Nutty Monkey, which is apparently a house favorite. It was Banana + Maca + Honey + Mixed Nut Butter + Cacao + Himalayan Salt + Protein Nut Mylk Blend. Topped with Strawberries + Blueberries + Banana + Coconut Shreds+ Dark Chocolate Chips + Choice Of Granola. With that, I ordered a Hello Sunshine smoothie, Banana + Mango + Pineapple + Raspberry+ Coconut butter + Tumeric + OJ + Coconut Mylk. Then, because I’m incredibly indecisive, I ordered a toast flight. That’s two pieces of toast, each one is a different flavor. I went with the #TBT, @rockhillbakehouse Sourdough + Tomato Basil Hummus + Fanned Avo + Everything(ish) Season and the Stacked, @rockhillbakehouse Sourdough + Avo Mash + Tomato + Feta + Crushed Red Pepper + Pink Salt.

I was too full to order oatmeal too – next time.

Everything was really delicious. I loved the bowl they created and that they have options for me to choose from since I, personally, was overwhelmed by the amount of options. My favorite had to be the avocado toast. That Stacked with tomato and feta just gave the whole thing a bit more flavor than just hummus (even though it, too, was fantastic).

Take a look at their menu beforehand, they offer a ton of options and everything sounds amazing. If you’re looking for a healthy option for a meal to refuel your body, you need to try Fruit Loop.

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