Stella’s Creamery & Cakes, Schenectady


Stella’s Creamery & Cakes, Schenectady


We’ve been waiting for the change at a local favorite ice cream place and finally, Stella’s Creamery & Cakes is open!

I reported at the end of last year that Bumpy’s Polar Freeze was under new management. Based on a lot of issues with the manager and staff as well as other actions, we knew that this season Bumpy’s was out and Stella’s Creamery & Cakes was in.

The new owners, Ashley and Gabe Viscariello of Schenectady have named this new location after their daughter and were hoping to bring a new vibe and new flavor to the Schenectady staple. They offer food as well as delicious ice cream. The pool is cleaned and looks ready for the warm weather but no word whether or not they will be utilizing it with bumper boats.

They offer a ton of different sundae options as a relatively reasonable size (with the option to upsize). Their feature is obviously their custard but they also offer regular ice cream, flurries, shaved ice, and other frozen treats. In terms of food, you can order burgers, fries, clam fries, and more (full menu below).

When we went, I needed to try the custard (even though a few of those sundaes almost had me). I got the mint chip custard, which was pink, with chocolate sprinkles. No idea why it was pink when it’s traditionally green but I was warned ahead of time and it was really delicious. I’m just so happy to see a positive business in that space. Getting ice cream on State St has been a part of my childhood up until recently and I hated that a business that I grew up enjoying had put such a bad taste in my mouth. I can’t wait to support this family and Stella’s Creamery for many years to come.

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