Saratoga Tea & Honey, Saratoga


Saratoga Tea & Honey, Saratoga


As a tea drinker, when I saw Saratoga Tea & Honey, I knew I had to stop in because I love both of those things but the store is so much more!

Saratoga Tea and Honey is much more than just a *tea store* because it’s a tea superstore. From the front of the store, there’s literally every tea you could ever think of for any type of thing that ails you. They have tea for your stomach, tea for a cold, tea for anxiety, tea for sleeping, tea for everything.

Head to the back of the store and there’s so many different flavored honeys. I’ve gotten “regular” honey, Lavender honey, Mango honey, but that’s not even close to all of it. You can get ghost pepper honey, peach honey, minty honey, and more. Usually, you’d be able to taste the honey before you buy but due to COVID-19, you just have to guess.

They also have a mini cafe bar to order tea to go. You can get hot tea, cold tea, iced tea, all to go. My favorite is the iced matcha with mango honey – so good!

The best part of Saratoga Tea & Honey though, isn’t the products, it’s the staff. Everyone who works there is so knowledgeable on tea and honey that they’ll be sure you’ll leave with something you like and will be back to refill it when it’s gone. Ask them anything, even which honey goes best with which tea, they’re brilliant.

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