Bare Blends, Albany


Bare Blends, Albany

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Want to eat something healthy but have a hard time also making it delicious? Then, you haven’t had the delicious food at Bare Blends in Albany.

Bare Blends has a mission to “restore, refresh and revive the community by encouraging a return to our roots: by celebrating local produce, plant-based products and one another.” They have delicious options from smoothies, to bowls, and also juice shots while still keeping it local and 100% plant-based.

You can order one of the already-created flavors or put ingredients together to create your own. Just take a look at their menu online or in-store.

I had a chance to try an option from their fall menu, the Apple Cider Donut which didn’t have any part of an apple cider donut in it but was still incredibly delicious. The bowl was apple, banana, apple cider vinegar, vanilla protein, cinnamon and oats, topped with apples, apple cinnamon granola, mulberries, flax seed, and almond butter. Sounds amazing, right? I’m sure they’ll keep stepping up their game with the upcoming winter menu too.

It’s been two years of Bare and their flavors are only getting more inventive and more delicious. So, if you want something good for your body and good for your tastebuds, then you need to order something from Bare Blends.

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