Samascott Garden Market, Kinderhook


Samascott Garden Market, Kinderhook


How far have you traveled for some food? I saw that Samascott Garden Market not only had some delicious apple cider donuts but ice cream sundaes to go with it so to Kinderhook I went!

Samascott is known best for their orchards that are open every fall but down the road is their garden market where they sell those apples along with so much more.

According to their website, “Samascott’s Garden Market, formerly known as Brosen’s, was purchased by the Samascott family in 2005. It began as a garden center more than 50 years ago with 13 greenhouses and a small food market.”

Now, it will remind you of all of your favorite country garden stores. The best part about Samascott is that they are a farm as well so inside you can buy fresh apples of all different kinds, berries, other fruits and vegetables, as well as a whole shelf of local products to utilize in your next meal.

I went to try their ice cream sundae of the moment. All it takes to get my attention is frozen apple cider, vanilla ice cream, topped with a cider donut. Their cider donuts are really delicious. Not over the top crispy but really tasty, add that with the sweet cider and ice cream and I (along with the bees nearby) were happy.

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