Duck Donuts, Latham


Duck Donuts, Latham


The minute we knew Duck Donuts was coming to the Capital Region, all I heard was excitement from anyone who has had it before. Well, the wait is over, it’s opening tomorrow, and here’s what you can expect.

Duck Donuts is a franchise that is currently owned by a Capital Region couple after having it down in the Outer Banks (Duck, NC). They fell in love with the donuts so much and realized that we didn’t have anything like it here, they decided to open one themselves.

The first thing that makes Duck Donuts different than any other donut shop you’re familiar with is that you can’t see any donuts. It’s not like you go in and pick from the shelves of donuts made earlier in the day. Every donut is made-to-order and decorated right there in front of you.

Don’t know what you want? There are a ton of choices to make up a dozen donuts of your dreams. The donuts are broken up into categories: OBX Originals, Signature Assortment, the Duck Dozen, and their seasonal choices.

The donut choices range from a bare donut to a cinnamon sugar donut, a simple iced donut or iced donut with sprinkles, all the way to Bacon in the Sun (maple icing with chopped bacon & salted caramel drizzle), The Boardwalk (glaze with Oreo crumbles, powdered sugar, and vanilla glaze), and so many more! A single donut is $2.29, a half dozen is $11.99, but you’re gonna want to try a bunch with a dozen for $22.49. You can even mix and match the icings, toppings, and drizzles to create your own!

They also have more than just donuts, you can get donut breakfast sandwiches. The one I tried was a donut with maple glaze, bacon, with an egg and cheese on it. On top of that, you gotta try the milkshakes and sundaes where the milkshakes come with a donut on top!

Trust me, you’re gonna want to check out the menu online and make your decisions ahead of time!

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