Stewart’s Shops Giving Out Collectibles, Running Out Soon!

Who knows, they may be worth something someday and you want to make sure you have one, right?

By now, you’ve probably heard that plastic bags are going by the wayside as of March 1st. Stewart’s Shops is doing something (brilliant, in my opinion) to prepare for that. Now, every time you get a bag at Stewart’s Shops, it’s not just any bag, it’s a collector’s item. It even says so on the bag itself.

It says on the bag “I’m one of the last Stewart’s bags (collector’s item). Please reuse me, by March 1, 2020 I will be replaced by paper and reusable bags.”

Honestly, how funny would it be if this bag ends up being worth something someday? You laugh, but something is worth how much someone will pay for it. Or, you can save it and down the road, prove to the kids/grandkids that we used plastic bags for every thing “back in the day.”

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