A Day in Beacon


A Day in Beacon


One of the hardest things in this area is figuring out where you want to go when you want to take a quick day trip. We’re so close to the Hudson Valley and the Adirondacks and they’re both full of so many great towns and places to stop. If you haven’t yet, take a quick trip to Beacon!

What do you do for a day in Beacon? So, you decided to go to Beacon but have no idea how to fill your time. To start, Beacon is a great little town that has a rather large main street with a ton of shops, bars and restaurants and they’re all within walking distance. I had a few spots on my list in particular and made it a point to visit them.

To start, we decided to visit Hudson Valley Marshmallow Company, which is actually known for much more than just its marshmallows. I’ve seen these in stores and couldn’t miss my chance to go to their storefront (which is right near The Snooki Shop by the way – yes, that Snooki). You can buy homemade marshmallows in bags, make your own bags or have them to eat there. I knew I wanted some of their OG hot chocolate with a flavored marshmallow but then, I saw s’mores and then, that had to happen too. Their OG hot chocolate is that rich, thick, chocolatey goodness (we ended up having to buy a can for home). Then, add in a homemade marshmallow and it may have been the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had. For the s’more, they had options but I went with the Chocolate Covered Strawberry s’more with a strawberry marshmallow and homemade graham crackers.

Then, to walk it off, we went to The Roundhouse. They were pretty booked up but luckily we found a table last minute. First, the view of the falls is beautiful. Since we went in the winter, the patio was closed but I definitely want to go back and see it from that view. For dinner, we each ordered fried chicken sandwiches and they were so delicious. And the old-fashioned? Amazing. I’ve been following this restaurant on Instagram for awhile and was so excited that I finally got to experience it.

Last, we drove up main street to Pandorica (check out my visit from 2017). As a Doctor Who fan, I was so pumped to check it out. Sadly, we had just eaten and there was an event the next day so we couldn’t get anything to go. So, I bought tea named after my favorite doctor (Eleven) and took some photos. If you’re a fan of the BBC classic, you have to go. They play episodes on TV and have costumes and recreations across the restaurant and show-themed food options.

Beacon has a lot of great options if you’re looking for a quick day trip. We didn’t even have a chance to go to the brewery there! As we left, my boyfriend and I were trying to plan our next trip when the weather is nicer. I can’t wait to see what else Beacon has to offer!

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